Upcoming Retreats!

 New Energy Women’s Yoga Retreat


When: March 9-11, 2018

Where: Santa Cruz Mountains, California

Why: For You to Relax, Reflect and Recharge


A few Testimonials from previous Retreats!

“Johanna, Thank you so much for everything! I really appreciated how caring and respectful you were! I would love to do this again! And the group of women were awesome!” – Megan

“The yoga during the Retreat was really great! Just relaxing and focusing on your own body!” – Judith

“The Retreat was really relaxing, recharging and enjoyable!” – Isabelle

“Great relaxing yoga! Great for beginners! Thanks!” – Helene

“The Retreat was very relaxing and at the same time mind opening!” – Stefanie

Reflections from New Energy Women´s Retreat

Olivia’s Reflections from New Energy Mother & Daughter’s Retreat


Johanna Rosén



  1. Sounds wonderful Johanna!!

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