I am a mom of 3 beautiful children, a birth- and postpartum doula, a holistic lifestyle coach, and a prenatal yoga teacher! Just to make this introduction short: I just love what I am doing!

I will provide you with excellent care during your pregnancy and birth. I will also provide in-home support during the time after the birth of your new baby.

I am originally from Sweden, but I have spent many years abroad. That is why I will be able to serve you in English and/or Swedish! It really does not matter for me:-)

I am serving families in Mälardalen, Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden.

I am currently accepting new clients for the period September – December 2019.


“The best thing about having a birth doula was to have someone we could count on at any time to address our concerns. Since this was our first baby and we had no family nearby, Johanna was an important support person for us. We established a good communication during our prenatal visits. She told us that during labor she would back out at times to leave my husband and I some personal space, and she respected that. She would also clearly communicate with my husband and health care professional and I always felt like it was in my best interest. During the postpartum visits, she offered lots of comfort and reassurance. Even though I had met with a lactation consultant at the clinic, Johanna was the one who helped me get comfortable with breastfeeding at home. She had also given me tricks to sooth a crying baby. She helped us give our baby her first bath! 

I would highly recommend having a birth doula, especially for the first baby. I feel like Johanna acted like the liaison between my husband and I and the health care team. She also was a great support person to have with us, especially during the most difficult times of labor when you feel like giving up. Having Johanna there allowed my husband to rest, eat, and be more focused. She was able to help with coping skills for pain management, such as massage, deep breathing techniques, hot shower, and positioning.”

– Judy and Emmanuel, 1st baby

“Johanna was really helping me with the transition to my new baby – the extra hands, the calming voice and her experience all helped me to adapt to the new life with my baby.  I liked that Johanna asked me questions about how I was experiencing it and I had a chance to share some of my feelings and thoughts.”

– Erika, Mom of 3, Postpartum Client

“Overall Johanna helped me relieve some stress by giving me time to take care of myself to feel better for my son. I appreciated Johanna feeding and burping Aurélien for me so that I could get more done and I loved that Johanna spoke Swedish to him. I was also able to take a nap long enough to feel more rested which gave me the positive energy to survive the night. I appreciated Johanna´s kindness and the extra help with some light house chores I got. It really helped me feel accomplished in getting a few things done in the house.” 

– Karla, 1st time Mom, Postpartum Client

Birth and Postpartum Care Packages

Birth Doula Services:

  • 2 prenatal visits (starting at week 30 – )
  • Labor support at home and hospital (On call 24 hours for 2 week prior to due date until baby arrives)
  • 2 postpartum visits (within a week after baby is born)

Postpartum Care packages:

To receive the full benefits of postpartum care, I believe it is best if we work together regularly and often. For this reason I offer significant discounts for my postpartum packages. These packages allow me to give the most affordable and consistent care to my clients.

Relax  – 75 hours

  • 3-4 sessions per week
  • Especially great for families of multiples or with older children as well as for those who are recovering from cesarean section or have complicated health situations or history/concern of depression

Enjoy  – 50 hours

  • 2-3 sessions per week
  • Recommended for first time parents of one newborn

New Energy  – 35 hours

  • 2 sessions per week
  • Great for families who have ongoing, consistent and reliable support from another source (family and friends etc.)

Sweet dreams  – 10 nights

  • 1 overnight support session generally starting between 9-10pm and ending between 5-6am. Flexibility to add 1-2 hours on request
  • for you to catch up on sleep knowing that I will attend to your baby´s needs overnight

Overnight Support  – 8 hours

  • 1 overnight support session generally starting between 9-10pm and ending between 5-6am. Flexibility to add 1-2 hours on request
  • for you to catch up on sleep knowing that I will attend to your baby´s needs overnight

Extended Support  – 15 hours

  • For families who aren’t quite ready to discontinue support after their package is complete

Guidelines for all packages

  • Together we set a consistent weekly schedule
  • Designed for mostly 4 hour sessions spread over 5-7 weeks *flexible depending on client preference
  • Flexibility to decrease or pause service while other family/friends offer support (eg, mother comes to visit for a week and I skip a week)
  • Must be used within 8 weeks of first session

Individual Hours

  • Hours can be purchased in any amount
  • 4 hour minimums per session
  • Flexibility to schedule hours week to week depending on my availability

Ready for support? Please contact me at

I am looking forward to hear from you!


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