♥ New Energy for Women #1: Happy Holidays, Sore Throats, NR

Welcome to New Energy for Women, Newsletter #1!

The Christmas Holidays are just around the corner! 2016 have been a very intense year for many of us. It is time to let go of everything that has been, and open up for whatever is coming 2017. Let´s begin already today!

I am truly excited to release my very first newsletter, Welcome to New Energy for Women, Newsletter #1! 2017, here I come!

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and a Yoga Teacher working mainly to help women grow their potential through lifestyle changes and modifications. My focus is to teach and coach you how to build a strong foundation, so that you will have the New Energy to live life fully. I do offer Lifestyle Coaching, Women´s Retreats and Pregnancy/Post Pregnancy Support for Women.

To make this introduction short: I just love what I am doing!
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You do need your sleep!

It is super important that we take care of ourselves to be able to enjoy this wonderful time of the year. A good night´s sleep can do wonder for all of us feeling stressed right now. Try some relaxing yoga before going to bed and catch some great 8-10 hours of Zzz´s.

9 Ways to Treat a Sore Throat Naturally

When my oldest child started to complain about having a sore throat a few weeks ago, I decided to give my holistic approach another real life experience: This is an article about how my daughter treated her sore throat naturally.


Welcome The Real Reality back into your life again

Pokemon Go is huge, but somehow it feels so awkward to me. Some people use it to go outside or even worse, to have their children spend more time outside. What kind of reality do we live in? Do we need to have a device in our hand all the time?

This is a very fun, short movie about “Natural Reality – The Real Reality” made by Svenska Naturskyddsföreningen (a Swedish nature conservation organisation). I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

What do you do?

That´s a question I get very often! I totally love Aaron Kahlow´s article “Who am I?”, because he turns the question upside down and instead of asking “What do you do?” or “Who are you?” he ask questions like: “What are your intentions in life?”,  “What do you value most? “, “What are you values?” to find out the answer to who he is. I highly recommend you to read the full article!


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