9 Ways to Treat a Sore Throat Naturally

A few weeks back my oldest child started to complain about having a sore throat and I just felt “Oh, No, Not Now!” I didn´t feel like having the whole family snacking antibiotics until Christmas time.


So instead of taking her to the doctor, I used my knowledge and put a list together of what she could do to keep her immune system working better, so that her body could handle her sore throat with some support and then the healing process could begin.

Our bodies are just amazing and after fighting her sore throat for about 5 days, she recovered and was back in business without having to take a single antibiotics!


So exactly how did we do this? I need to be super clear here, I am not a doctor! I am a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and I am working with using natural methods to help the body fight (in this case a sore throat) germs, bacteria and viruses and keep the body balanced.

I checked her temperature every day to see that we were moving in the right direction, I also checked her throat (with a flashlight) to see if the swelling and the white dots were getting any better and of course I communicated with her to see how she was doing. I decided to give it 3 days, if nothing had changed to the better within those days I would have taken her to the doctor. But after just two days we saw improvements!

This is what we did and what you could try next time you have a sore throat close by:

1. Cut down the sugar! Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and good fats. Keep your diet clean from junk foods.



2. Drink lots of high quality water! Keep yourself well hydrated.




3. Give yourself some rest! Keep exercise light and sleep for at least 8 hours every night.



4. Make yourself freshly squeezed grapefruit-, orange- and lemon juice. You need to boost your level of Vitamin C!



5. Get Echinacea (alcohol free) drops and take as much and often as described on the label. Drop directly into the mouth.




6. A real good probiotics will help boost your immune system! Look for at least 6 different strains and 30 billion live organisms per dose.



7. Take 1 teaspoon 100% Raw Manuka Honey KFactor 16 (or higher KFactor) twice a day. This is what you take when you wake up in the morning and right before going to bed. Let the honey dissolve in your mouth and wait for 15 minutes before eating or drinking.



 8. Let a few Natural Cough drops (Ricola) melt in your mouth throughout the day.



9. Drink hot Chamomile Tea with lavender during the day (without honey).



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