Reflections from New Energy Women´s Retreat

The raspberry in my hand feels cold, is dark red and smells wonderful. Before I put it in my mouth I just give the raspberry my full attention for a few seconds using my senses to really appreciate it. When I put it in my mouth I can hear how my teeth breaks it down into smaller pieces as I enjoy the lovely taste. Mindfulness! That is what life is about, to really enjoy, every single part. It is when we allow us to just be, and not always do, that we really understand and appreciate what life is all about.


This is the main reason why I decided to prepare New Energy Women´s Retreat, so that my participating women could just simply Relax, Reflect and Recharge for a couple of days. On the schedule I put Yoga Energy, Relaxing Evening Yoga and Energizing Morning Yoga. We also spent time to understand different kind of stressors, our reactions toward stress and we discussed how we can choose to react in new ways better for our wellbeing. I talked about what living a holistic lifestyle means and my wonderful women also had to do an exercise to see what they can do in everyday life to balance themselves to handle stress better and feel better from inside out!


The location for a retreat like this is really key for me and we all enjoyed spending time close to nature at the private Camp Salamander in Santa Cruz Mountains. Real organic food is another key and we spent time together in the kitchen preparing great food and we enjoyed eating together in the peaceful and quiet environment.


My women showed me tons of gratitude when leaving the retreat and they all left the retreat with an aura of a more relaxed mind and body compared to when they arrived and that´s exactly what I was hoping for! I had worked really hard to create a weekend where the women were allowed to just simply relax, reflect and recharge – highly rewarding! And like the boomerang, I hope they all felt my loving energy and my gratitude towards them being the best group ever for me to work with.

The feedback from the retreat was great and as soon as I find the right place for a new retreat (or if I can get a new cancellation for Camp Salamander. The place is booked one year in advance), I will do this again, and again! Working with people to help them understand how they can feel better from inside out is my mission – and I have just started my journey!

If you are interested in joining me at a retreat in the near future, please let me know by leaving a comment here on my website or send me a private email. Next retreat will sell out as I already have requests from a bunch of beautiful women, but there is more to come!

Upcoming Retreat: March 9-11, 2018



Johanna Rosén

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  1. Hi dear Johanna……even though i now have arrived most of the time in the land of “from the inside out” through yoga practice on a spiritual and physical level and teaching as well, meditation and healthy lifestyle…i so would love to be on the list to come to your retreat!!!!
    Please please let an opportunity come for another one this summer??

    • Johanna Rosén

      Hi Clarkia! I put you on the list! I keep you updated when and where the next Retreat is going to be. Namaste!

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